Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Carry On, Carry On

Today our baby Oliver took his first trip to the vet. He got into some chicken bones this weekend and we saw some blood this morning so we called and they told us to bring him on down. Jesse took him down while I was at work and said he was very good, except he had to carry him inside because he was backing away from the door! They gave him x-rays and all kinds of exams and everything looked okay! It was some very expensive peace of mind, but worth it. They gave us a prescription and a sort of laxative to clean out his intestines of possible bone shards, and just told us to watch him carefully to see if he's getting better. We have to keep him on a bland diet, which he isn't a big fan of--rice and cottage cheese. He keeps looking at me like, "where's the REAL food?" He swallowed his icky pill without any complaints though, and definitely hasn't lost any of his feisty spirit.

We've had a really busy week. Jesse's mom and sisters were in town for a family reunion and baby shower. On Monday we got the sad news that Jesse's great grandma on his dad's side, Nanny (her real name is Violet), had been hospitalized and was estimated to only live about 48 hours. We were able to take a trip to Newport to visit her in the hospital, which was really special. She told me that she loved Jesse and I together. That there is so much love between us. And it's only just beginning. Carry on. Carry on.

And that's what we'll do.

P.S. If you haven't seen it yet, our wedding video is online! I am pretty obsessed with it.