Thursday, October 30, 2008

it's really happening

So today was the ultrasound! I was a nervous wreck going in. I read way too much and was so scared that there would be no baby there or something wrong. But as soon as we saw the baby, it did a somersault for us! It was dancing all around, waving and kicking like crazy. She actually had a hard time getting it to stop wiggling enough to hear the hearbeat, which was 171 beats per minute.

It was an amazing experience, and wayyy too fast! I think we both could have watched the little bean wiggle around for hours.

Here's baby's first pictures! (you can click to make them bigger)

I told myself that I would not buy anything until I heard the heartbeat, so today the baby got a hat, socks, and a pumpkin costume for next year (which was 50% off!). Can't wait to see the little munchkin again, and find out if "it" is a "he" or "she!"

Monday, October 20, 2008

nine weeks!

So we've made it to 9 weeks already!
So far, everything seems to be going very well. I have had it pretty easy so far, not too much nausea, but food is currently my worst enemy! I feel the worst when I am hungry, but at that point the thought of almost any food turns my stomach. It's making eating very stressful. I completely despise any sort of meat and everything else sort of depends on the day. It's crazy.
Otherwise I'm just tired and prefer spending my days on the couch whenever possible. Hopefully that will be temporary!
We had our first midwife appointment the other day. It was pretty basic, mostly just talking about how I am feeling and things to be trying to eat. She took 5 or 6 vials of blood (I lost count after about 4) and felt my belly a little. She wasn't sure if she could feel my uterus yet or just my bladder, but I'm pretty sure it's uterus because it feels different to me.
The most exciting part was that we got to schedule an early ultrasound! I am a worrier by nature, so I was very eager to see my baby and get reassurance that it is indeed growing in there. It's not until the 30th, when I will be about 11 weeks, but I can't wait. I think it might feel a little more real after seeing it with my own eyes.

Time is already going by so quickly, I know that this baby will be in my arms sooner than I realize. I can't believe how fast the weeks pass with school and work and everything else to think about.

Speaking of school, it's going well so far. Some days are harder because I am so exhausted and have to fight sleep in class, but overall it's good. Definitely hoping for an energy boost as I get to the second trimester, because the projects just keep piling on. And there are a ton of talented people in my program to keep up with!

Jesse is still working full time at McGrath's. He's very valued there now, and has already been offered a salary position in Washington. Unfortunately we're waiting for an offer a little closer to home.

So, I'll be back in 2 weeks with some baby pictures!