Monday, December 15, 2008

it's a baby!

So I am not the skinniest person on earth, and I definitely didn't feel like I looked pregnant until very recently. And even then, only to myself and maybe Jesse, possibly to some other family members. Tonight though, I put on an old shirt that is now officially too tight, and voila! Little baby bump!

This is probably the only time I will be proud to show off my expanding midsection on the internet. It still feels a little uncomfortable, but there's a baby in there! So it's cool right?

Little baby has also been letting me know that he/she is there recently. There are definite acrobatics going on in there, especially in the evenings. It's such an amazing feeling, even if I am getting beat up from the inside. :)

Our ultrasound is scheduled for December 26th! I really wanted to find out before Christmas, but they didn't have an opening until the day after. We go back and forth about what we think it is, but honestly, all we really want is a healthy baby. I remember people saying that and thinking they must have some kind of preference, but when you're actually growing the baby, it's all that really matters. :)