Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well, it's been awhile, hasn't it? So much for keeping up with the weekly updates.
The weeks are sort of flying by and honestly this pregnancy has started to feel much like a waiting game--like not much else can really happen until I get this baby here alive and well.
So far, everything is going perfectly (but every time I say that I still feel like I should knock on wood). I had an appointment with the midwife this week and everything is right on track. The belly is measuring right on at 31 weeks, baby's heart sounds great, and he was in perfect position at the time (although I'm quite sure he's rearranged a few times since then). He is getting HUGE in there and frequently has feet, knees, or some other body part wedged up in my ribs. It's hard to believe he is going to get bigger!
We got to take a peek at him in 3D at our 22 week ultrasound...

I'm sure he has grown and changed a lot in the last 10(ish) weeks, but I am still so enamored with his little face. :) I am getting so excited (and impatient!) to meet him. December seems so close now and yet it feels like it will never come. I feel like I have lots to do to prepare though, so I do a lot of alternating between wanting time to speed up and wanting it to slow down.
Must go eat some dinner, but here is the "weekly" survey for good measure:

How far along? 31 weeks 4 days
Maternity clothes? an absolute must
Sleep: Getting much more difficult and requires a nest of pillows
Best moment this week: Watching the belly jump with baby hiccups
Movement: Lots! Big rolling movements and definite distinction between body parts.
Food cravings: Cheese puffs (the really puffy kind that sort of melt in your mouth? I still have yet to eat any since the heartburn would likely be unbearable)
Gender: boy!
Labor Signs: Having early "practice" contractions
Belly Button in or out? Still in!
What I miss: Bending over/breathing/sleeping with ease
What I am looking forward to: Giving birth! Meeting the boy! Baby shower in a couple of weeks!
Weekly Wisdom: I have nothing right now.
Milestones: So many since the last post, but this week? Standing at work has officially gotten uncomfortable.

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